2002 Firehawk T/A #C026

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I've been in love with the Trans Am ever since I bought my first car, a white 1979 WS6 Trans Am. After investing every penny I made for about 6 years into performance and stereo components, I sold it in 1993 with 365,000 original km's on it. I've owned two Pontiac Grand Am's since that time and I've always kicked myself for selling the '79 T/A. So at 8:45 p.m. on April 26th 1997, I walked into a Pontiac dealership and said "I want that car "........pointing to the black T/A on the showroom floor. Two and a half hours later, I was once again the proud owner of a  beautiful Trans Am, this time a '97.

May 15, 2002 Update

When the announcement was made that the F-Body would end production in 2002, my first thought was........."Hell no, this can't be true!!!" Unfortunately, it is true and at the end of August 2002, there will be no more F-Body cars produced for enthusiasts to enjoy.....:(

It's not all bad news though.....at least not for me that is. That's because as soon as I heard that the news was true, I decided to go all out and order one of the last, and rarest F-Body cars there will ever be.....a 2002 Firehawk!!

On the next few pages you'll find some pictures of my 2002 Firehawk T/A #C026 as well as a list of the factory options and RPO Codes, SLP options and upgrades I've made so far. There are also a few pictures of my '97 Ram Air T/A (the car I traded in for my current ride) as well as pictures of cars from Toronto F-Body Motorsports, the F-Body club I've been a member of since 1998.

May 15, 2003 Update

After two years with eSmartStart web hosting, I got fed up with all the pop up ads, adware and banner ads they kept adding to the site so I decided to move to a new server with a new domain name. I hope you enjoy the faster server and the lack of ads on this site. I know I sure won't miss all the nasty emails I was getting!!!


My Pages.....
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- Pro Auto Detail Pizza Day (July 11, 2004) - St. Catherines Engine Plant Tour (coming soon)
- Royal Pontiac/TFbM Show & Shine (August 28, 2004) - Legendary Motorcar (April 29, 2006)
- Addison Chevrolet Show & Shine (September 19, 2009) Rev'n High / TFbM & GTAMC BBQ & Dyno War (June 13, 2010)
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