2003 Heritage Camaro Z28 and Pontiac Trans Am

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GM's new Performance Division unveiled two partnership show vehicles at the 2002 Woodward Dream Cruise that symbolize the heritage of the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Created solely for show purposes, the entire project was completed in just eight weeks with parts donated by GM Powertrain, GM Performance Parts and GM Design Center.

"This venture truly epotomizes the wonderful relationship that will continue to flourish as a symbol of GM divisional cooperation on future projects and will serve as a great send off for the exciting 35 year heritage of both the Camaro and Firebird." said mark Reuss, GM's Executive Director for the Performance Division. "We wanted to start building employee enthusiasm with our division partners and I think these were two perfect cars to help achieve that goal."

The GM Performance Division 2003 Z28 emulates the 1960s and 70s Penske-Sunoco stock TransAm race team vehicles. Complete with classic highdome cowl induction hood, egg crate grill, aggressive front fascia and rear spoiler. The dark metallic blue exterior and yellow graphics make for a visually striking appearance and the 427 c.i., C5R, aluminum race motor pumps out 600 horsepower. It's mated with a six-speed manual transmission. The fenders are modified to accomodate the 315/30/18 tires in the front and 335/30/18's in the rear. The interior has the look and feel of a race car where the midnight black upholstery contrasts a bright yellow full roll cage. The bucket seats are equipped with a five-point harness and the instrument cluster has oversized racing gauges and carbon fibre throughout.

The GM Performance Division 2003 Trans Am is reminiscent of the 1970-71 original production Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. This vehicle is a modern interpretation of the classic, with a white exterior accented with blue racing stripes and classic shaker hood. The front fascia and rear spoilers were modified to mimic the original muscle car along with front and rear wheel aero spats. The interior appointments come complete with all the amenities of the original and include a Hurst shifter, perforated heliocone blue leather seats and a DNA white perforated leather headliner. The steering wheel is also leather wrapped in blue to match. The 427 c.i. powerplant, matched with an automatic transmission, supplies the 455 horses to the 285/30ZR20 rear tires. The front wheels are fitted with 265/30/19 high performance tires.

It's too bad GM killed the F-Body platform before these bad boys hit the streets!!!!

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